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How to Help Your Employees Get Ready For An Office Relocation

Any office relocation is a big job. All files, furniture, and equipment need to be moved safely and efficiently so that the relocation does not interfere with business as usual.

And then there are your employees. Although they're a pivotal part of any business, employees can be overlooked during office relocations.

Without feeling involved in the process, there is a risk of having them feel alienated or frustrated which can result in a greater dip in productivity. 

How to help your employees get ready for an office relocation

To avoid this, it's important to make sure that your employees know about plans to move the office early on, and are kept in the loop regarding policies and procedures for the move.

Keeping them informed and prepared will allow your employees to feel more comfortable throughout the moving process, allowing the move to go smoother.

To maximize efficiency and guarantee a smooth move, we suggest that you follow these five easy steps to help your employees get ready for an office relocation.

How To Help Your Employees Get Ready For An Office Relocation

1. Create a communication plan

Talking to your employees about your relocation plan is essential if you want to ensure a smooth move. A communication plan allows them to know, as early as possible, that a move is coming.

Depending on the size of your company, it may be viable to do this in person, if not, you'll want to have the company's CEO or HR manager send an email that lets them know that a move is coming.

This communication plan should include a timeline of how and when to present detailed instructions about the move, including responsibilities and expectations.

2. Discuss commute logistics

New studies show that commute times have a dramatic impact on employee hiring and retention. If you're moving to a new location, it is important to discuss commute logistics such as public transport and parking with your employees.

This lets your employees know that you care about their wellbeing and will help you pick up on any issues that may arise regarding commuting as early as possible. That way, if an employee cannot adapt to this change and decides to move on from the company because of it, you can plan accordingly.

3. Tell them what the new area has to offer

The happiness of our employees sometimes depends on things that aren't necessarily inside the office. Easy access to things like restaurants, food trucks, coffee houses and even bars (for post-work beers) all contribute to creating a positive office culture and are one of the things your employees will really want to know about (but may not ask about) before a move.

Be proactive about relaying this information to them, and they'll know you care for their wellbeing. Do some research on the food, drink, and fitness options in the area you are moving to and let your employees know about these.

They’ll appreciate your attention to detail and will have something to look forward to as they prepare for the big move.

new area for an office relocation

4. Clarify responsibilities and expectations

Just like with any other aspect of a job, employees will want to know what is expected of them during the move.

Is everyone is expected to pack their belongings up on their own or is a moving company doing that? What about their computer?

What kind of space will each individual have in a moving van? Make sure you clarify this early on, so that no one is caught off guard by growing responsibilities.

5. Let them know how much space they'll have 

Employee workstations can accumulate a lot of personal items. They'll need to know in advance how big their new workstations are so they can plan for how much stuff they will bring.

It is a good time to suggest doing a spring clean of their personal possessions and asking them to take home anything that they no longer need, or want at work.