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Planning an Office Move? Don’t Forget the Basics

If you’re planning your next office move you’re probably looking at the big picture. But remember the little things that can have big consequences if they are not taken care of during your Vancouver office move.

  • Signs, stationery and more

You may not think you rely on a lot of paper these days but assess how your clients communicate with your company and the list grows quickly. You’ll need to plan to get new business cards, stationery and various documents. And don’t forget about online signage, whether it is on your website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. Make sure your address is up to date for clients online and offline so people can always find you as soon as you move office.


  • Delegate and label

One way to save costs while getting people involved is to get your employees to pack up their own offices and work spaces. They can decide better than anyone what can be moved, what can be stored or thrown away. This also gives people a chance to participate and get excited about moving to a new office space.

One tip: Label everything and cross check so you know exactly what goes where on move day.


  • Stay connected

One of the things most people don’t think about until it stops working is the server. Without this you can’t use your phones or computers. How long can you afford to be offline? Make sure your IT support gets everything backed up and provides a complete plan and timeline to move all the network and computer systems so the transition from one location to the other is seamless and doesn’t affect your business. 


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