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Piano Movers In Vancouver, BC

What has 230 strings, an approximate 3,500 parts, and can weigh over 1300 pounds?

Your cherished piano, that’s what - and moving one successfully can be a daunting task.

Action Movers is qualified and experienced at moving heavy pianos and keyboards into your new home, apartment, or condominium. As top rated Vancouver piano movers, we have the expertise, as well as the specialized moving equipment to get the job done right, and with as little stress attached to it as possible.

Let’s discuss safety. Calling up a few friends for some much needed muscle may save you a few dollars, but the potential for personal injury and damage to your piano increases dramatically.

Just look at your piano; it’s incredibly heavy, awkwardly shape, and will more than likely have to be lifted and maneuvered through tight, cramped spaces - making it a very technically demanding job that deserves the added knowledge and experience of dedicated moving personnel.

In our backyard of Greater Vancouver, upright pianos are the usual culprits. While they may appear to be relatively compact when compared to their Baby and Grand cousins, they’re still very heavy. We recommend giving Action Movers a call to discuss how we can help move your prized possession to limit damage to the piece itself, the surrounding walls and corridors, as well as to you and your loved ones.

Accidents while moving can happen suddenly; it’s an issue of control and balance. Having Action Movers in your corner will give you piece of mind knowing your move will be safe and secure.

The best way to move a piano is by utilizing a specialized piano skid, with the assistance of three experienced movers. What makes Action Movers unique, is that we’re the only moving service in the area to possess this specialized equipment – meaning we have the added confidence in moving your piano.

When you call Action Movers to discuss the details of your move, it’s important to be as specific as possible. Include the style of piano you’re having moved, it’s approximate weight, any delicate features that need extra care and attention, etc. This helps us to develop a critical game plan for those tricky moves. We’ll always do our best to accommodate your piano moving needs.

By contacting our office or filling out a free estimate form, you can request our services moving your piano, or keyboard.