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How To Choose The Best Moving Company

You have enough things to keep you busy and your stress levels piqued during the days and weeks leading up to a big move.

Many people hold their possessions very near and dear to their hearts – maybe this means a family heirloom China set, an antique armoire, or a motorcycle. It may sound overkill – but a good moving company knows and realizes the intricacies of the human condition; people place incredible emotional attachment onto their worldly possessions – ancient Pharaohs were buried with their stuff, modern funerals often end with dropping a coveted familial object into the casket or grave. We love our stuff, us human beings – and choosing the best moving company will ensure that yours stays safe as you move to your new home.

We’re not only convinced our experience and track record of success makes us the one of the best moving companies in the business, but we’re so confident, we’ll go the extra step and provide some insider tips on how to choose the best moving company available; because we already think we know who that is.

How To Choose The Best Moving Company

Moving locally may seem like a quick pack-up and a short drive across town to your new address, but local moves are much more complex than meets the eye. They’re often riddled with intensely complicated and awkward moves of large pieces of furniture, long traverses down narrow apartment building hallways, or difficulty finding appropriate parking spaces in a downtown city centre.

When you’re beginning your search for a trusted local moving company, begin by asking your friends and family who they have used in the past. A good crew of movers is going to benefit from positive word of mouth from customers who are happy to recommend them to their friends. Second, go one step further and research their company reviews, licenses, qualifications with the Better Business Bureau, and available customer testimonials online.

You can also consult real estate agents/brokers, contractors, and developers to assess who has a positive track record of success and customer satisfaction. These professions may deal with movers on a fairly regular basis, and should be able to provide you with background on the groups you’re considering.

Lastly, all reputable movers will provide you with a free in-home estimate prior to asking you sign any agreement. Be sure to show every room, consider your intended routes, and ask that they fill you in on any foreseeable problems or challenges. A good moving company never shies away from a challenge, but a good moving company will also never endanger your possessions for a paycheck.





Tips for Selecting a Great Moving Company

We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you ensure that you’re selecting a great moving company and considering aspects of the company you choose to deal with, like:


Know Who You Are Dealing With

  • Do they answer the phone when you call them? Does the call perpetually go to voicemail?
  • Does the company have a physical head office or location?
  • Have they asked for a deposit before your possessions have been moved?
  • Are they able to provide valid and up-to-date insurance documents?
  • Does their hourly wage stack up against the competition?
  • Get confirmation before moving day that your quote will stay true and will not change on moving day.

Ensure that your chosen moving company has their own trucks. Do not trust a moving company that shows up with a rental truck.

Insurance Considerations

  • Determine exactly how much and what type of liability insurance your moving company has. What coverage will they provide in case of property loss or damages?
  • Always thoroughly check over the estimated valuation of your household possessions to ensure it matches with your own list.
  • Cross-compare the maximum value of the mover’s insurance policy with the total value assessed from your possessions list.
  • Ask about the claim process, should an unfortunate event happen. Ask if they have any current or outstanding claims against them.

To help you feel peace of mind during your move, it’s also advantageous to call your home insurance provider and ask whether your possessions are covered under your policy during a move. Most home-insurance moving policies cover an approximate 10% of total personal property value. Ask your moving company if they are able to provide goods in transit insurance.

Goods in Transit insurance is essentially a policy which covers your possessions while they are moving in transit from one location to another. It covers against three main risks:

  • Loss
  • Delay
  • Damage

Reputable moving companies may provide these types of additional insurance, but when it comes time to submit a claim (here’s hoping you don’t have to), it’s always easiest to submit through an insurance broker, so consider purchasing your own insurance policy if you have concerns about the moving process.

How To Choose The Best Long Distance Moving Company

homepage banner 3Hiring a long distance moving company is much the same as hiring local movers. The questions you ask should always be thorough and remain the same. Ask about licenses, insurance, experience, check their reviews and qualifications, etc – but the difference lies in travelling experience.

Long distance movers who have experience and successful track records of long distance moves should always provide you with the right information prior to moving day. If you’re moving into another province or state, federal and/or provincial border crossings may be met with regulations and precautions that must be followed.

Take the time to discuss your upcoming long distance move with the moving company estimator to assess what needs to be done of your end and their end to ensure a successful hassle-free move. The moving estimator should foresee any potential hang-ups or setbacks and recommend that certain objects, materials, or substances should not be transported.

Good long distance movers will provide you with all applicable documents and a written estimate prior to hitting the road.


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Action Movers has an extensive track record of customer satisfaction and a plethora of successful moves under our belts. We’ve been fortunate to have been rewarded for our dedication to the customer experience by being nominated for, and winning many awards.

In 2018, we’ve already been won the Top Choice Awards “Top Moving Service in Vancouver”, after winning the designation in 2017 as well. Also in 2017, we received the Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence for Vancouver and surrounding areas. We also took home that same designation in 2010, as well. Action Movers also enjoys a BBB overall rating of A-.

We’ve staked our reputation on our dedication to creating lasting and meaningful client relationships, as well as investing the time to listen to your concerns as a homeowner. We’ve made ourselves readily available to tackle the most difficult and awkward moving requests, and offer services that go beyond the heavy lifting; we go out of our way to provide boxes, offer storage solutions, ideas, and show up with the best of state-of-the-art equipment.

We know and care that our clients are going through a time of great potential stress, but with us at your side, you can breathe easy. We’re Vancouver and the Lower Mainland’s favourite moving company for good reason – we respect your things like they were our things.