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How To Receive An Accurate Moving Quote

How To Receive An Accurate Moving Quote

We’ve said time and time again that moving can be ladened with stresses and anxieties – over emotional attachments to your old address, how uncomfortable one may be relocating to a new community, and finally – financial concerns. It’s so important to take care of yourself during a move, and this especially means catering to your mental state; do your best to keep yourself in a good head space.

Luckily, there are a few ways to do that – and one is through organizing and preparing for your moving crew. Knowing up front and ahead of time how much your movers are going to cost you is a great way to stroke two stresses off of the to-do list. In this post, allow us to help decipher some of the best ways to receive an accurate moving quote to give you some peace of mind.


Gauge the Scope & Size of Your Move

When you begin speaking with a moving company estimator, the need will arise for a complete and comprehensive list of all possessions and materials that will be need to be moved. This includes large and heavy objects, items that will require use of specialty moving equipment, additional manpower to help move awkward pieces, and items that have nearly been forgotten about – like stuff piled away in the attic, basement, or garage rafters.

Next, the moving estimator will need to know how the move will need to be handled at the new address. Tell them if there are numerous flights of stairs if you’re moving into an apartment building, or narrow stairwells, etc. The more accurate information you can provide, the more accurate your moving quote will be.


Payment Methods

The second step of securing an accurate moving quote will be determining how your move will be billed. In a local move, a moving company will likely quote a per-hour charge. With this type of setup, you can help to reduce your costs by preparing ahead of time by packing and boxing your possessions to ensure a quick, painless move. Depending on how much needs to be moved, the estimator should be able to ballpark how many movers will be required, any special equipment and the size of truck to send. Long distance moves will likely have weight factored in, to offset the cost of fuel during the drive.

Two of the more common moving quotes are:

  • Non-binding quotes
  • Binding Quotes

Non-binding quotes don’t the moving company accountable for an earlier quote, and aren’t given out regularly. This means the final amount could easily be more or less than the quoted amount. As a general rule, if a quote seems too low – it probably is. Expect to pay a higher amount.

Often called guaranteed pricing, a binding quote holds the mover to account and offers customers a sense of certainty that they’ll pay the amount they’ve been quoted. The downside is, if your move takes less time than anticipated, you would still owe the agreed up amount. This is often the best option for most people.


Ask Questions

Begin your search by asking lots of questions about their satisfaction record, and any training that employees have completed in order to move awkward items like pianos or safes. Ask about how many movers it takes to move an average household, and if they foresee any circumstances that would cause the move to be prolonged, or set back.

If some of your initial quotes are considerably less than others, ask yourself why and make an informed decision. Ensure that your chosen company can offer insurance or liability for anything that is potentially broken or mishandled. Lastly, ask about the company’s policy for extra services – some people are thrown aback by movers that add fees for cleaning, packing, driver fees, highway tolls, and particularly heavy items.

Remember – a good moving company should also ask their prospective customers a few things as well so they can be prepared to tackle the move with the right help, equipment and expectations.


Shop Around

You should always interview and call many moving companies to cross-compare services and to get a sense of their track record. It’s a simple matter of finding yourself the best deal and the best type of quote that’s going to provide peace of mind and a little less stress during a big move.

Some movers offer complementary packing services, wardrobe boxes, and include use of specialty equipment. Others may be able to charge a touch more if they have a stellar customer experience record, and others may just be starting out and attempt to undercut the competition. Ask friends, family members and neighbours about their experiences with local moving companies. When you’re shopping for an accurate moving quote, ensure you’ve addressed these factors so you can make the best, most informed decision possible.

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