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How to Decide What Should Go Into Storage

Public StorageMoving is never an easy task and trying to decide on what to bring and what to place in storage can be a difficult decision. Fortunately, many people have been in the same dilemma as you and have provided a few tips and tricks that will make your move easier.

Figuring Out What to Bring With You

There are some things in your life that are absolute essentials, at least to you. Some minimalists will tell you that all you really need is a roof over your head, clothes on your back, a place to sleep and food. Sadly, not many people think that they could live on just these essentials.

Knowing what to keep and bring with you can get really confusing, especially if you are a collector or a fashionista. It’s really easy to fill our lives with stuff and it just seems to grow as the years pass by. You will seriously need to decide what is absolutely necessary to bring and what’s not.

Your Decisions Will Depend on Where You Are Moving and Why:

  • Are you downsizing or expanding?
  • Are the rooms at the new place smaller or bigger than your old place? (I hope you did take measurements).
  • Are you bringing your appliances or are they supplied as part of the deal with the new place?

One of the first things you will need to do is draw up a floor plan of the new place. Measure the furniture you own now, and figure out if they will fit in your new home. Even if you are moving to a bigger place, the floor plan will be different so don’t just assume that all of your stuff will fit.

Your Top Questions to Find Out Your Priorities:

  • Will it fit in the new place?
  • Do you love it?
  • Is it really worth your hard-earned money to store it?

Deciding on the Rest

KijijiOnce you decide on the necessities, you will need to determine what you will do with the rest of your stuff. Your choices are limited to the following options:

  • Sell it on Kijiji, Craigslist or have a garage sale (You will be able to get extra cash)
  • Give it to charity (You may be able to get a tax deductible receipt)
  • Trash it (Some things you just can’t repair but try to sell it first. People often buy things for spare parts)
  • Put it in storage (This option will cost you money, make sure it’s worth it)

There are a lot of things that you could sell now and buy again later after you move. This not only saves storage expenses but moving expenses also. Another plus side to this is that it is always fun to get new stuff for a new place.

Remember These Tips

  • Whatever you put in storage has the chance of getting damaged unless it is extremely well packed and sealed.
  • Place everything you put in storage off of the floor in case of flooding or melting snow etc.
  • If it is genuinely worth keeping, perhaps you could store it at a friends’ house or in a safety deposit box if it is small.
  • Book collections can become musty and wet if not packed properly. Place newspapers in the box with your books to help absorb humidity.
  • Label every box you put in storage. You will not remember what is in them six months from now.
  • Jam open the doors of any appliances you store to avoid mildew.


If you pay attention to the tips above, you can make your move an adventure rather than a nightmare.

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