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How to Not Lose Items During a Move

Moving can post a lot of obstacles and challenges and one of the most common problems that occurs is something somehow manages to get lost during the move. There are definitely some ways to ensure that this does not happen to you. This article will outline some measures that you can take to make sure you don’t lose items during a move!

Make a Master list: The main reason why people tend to lose things is they are not organized or do not have any sort of system when moving. A good way to be organized is to create a list of what is put into each box. Writing something in black marker on the outside of the box isn’t going to cut it. A master list of each box and which item is in each box can help. It is helpful to put the list on the outside of each box.

moving dayOrganization: When putting your belongings in a box don’t just throw them in there, organize them  and remember  such things as bundle all power cords, wrap delicate items in bubble wrap etc. Furthermore, pack things on a room by room basis rather then just running around your old place and throwing everything you see in the box. Or if that doesn’t work for you, pack your boxes by category. For example, all electronics could could go in one box while all hats go in another box. This method helps ensure nothing gets mixed up with other items.

Use proper moving materials: Using the right kind of boxes is an important factor to consider. Random cardboard boxes aren’t always the answer as they are not heavy duty and can sometimes break apart and things could go missing. You can find some plastic boxes at many stores  in all shapes and sizes which can make moving an easier, more organized activity. These plastic boxes are advised for moving many delicate belongings such as jewelry, glass items and dishes etc. It can’t be emphasized enough the importance of wrapping your delicate items in something protective, such as bubble wrap as there is nothing worse then going to unpack your items  and finding your favorite set of dishes broke during the move.

Location Location Location: Always know in advance where in your new moving location that all the items are going to be located. This will help give you a good overview of how to pack your boxes. It can be a good idea to pack your boxes in accordance to the new layout so when you do unpack you will already know where to put all of your belongings.

Get rid of some items: When moving out you will more then likely come across some items that you realize you do not really need. Items accumulate over the years that you probably didn’t even realize you had certain items. Yes, this can be tough as it’s hard to say goodbye to certain things but if it’s something you don’t really need and won’t use then get rid of it. You will likely come across quite a few items you do not really need. In addition you can sell these items and have a little extra cash or just give them away for charity or to friends. Doing this can help eliminate clutter and decrease your risk of losing an item

So , there you have it, by following these tips you can minimize or eliminate the risk of losing any items during your move. Best of luck to you  and happy moving!

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