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Know Your Movers: Meet Mark Hirschi, Owner of Action Movers Inc.

Know Your Movers


At Action Movers Inc. our mission is to provide the very best customer service, from the first phone to placing down that final cardboard box in your new home.

In our effort to reduce the stress of moving, we asked ourselves “How we can make our clients feel more comfortable inviting us into their home?”

The answer came to us in an instant! You just don’t know who is moving you! We don’t mean Action Movers the company but the people behind the brand. Who is going to show up at your door step and move your most cherished possessions?

So we decided to do something a little out of the ordinary (like us), we’d like you to know your movers. We’d like to start our series of interviews with myself Mark Hirschi to give you a more transparent look behind the scenes at what makes Action Movers Inc. one of Vancouver’s top choices in residential and commercial moving services.

Meet Mark Hirschi. Mark is the owner of Action Movers and he’s proud to hail from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Mark holds a degree in Marketing and if he could describe himself in three words they would be ambitious, outgoing, and determined.

“I take great pride in the fact that I’ve been able to grow my company in size from 4 trucks to 14 trucks,” says Mark. “Knowing that my company can help alleviate the stress of moving is what gets me up every morning.”

Mark’s been in the moving industry for the last 10 years, building a strong reputation as a leader who appreciates the customer’s concerns and helps to offset stress by listening. With such a dedication to customer satisfaction, to say Mark is proud of Action Movers is a huge understatement.

“Action Movers is able to be great because we’ve managed to build a great team of individuals… We don’t just go with good. We try to lead with exceptionally great.”

Using calm and cool rationality to solve problems, Mark is a practical thinker and uses this to his advantage when helping people move.

“Sometimes people don’t understand that in order to provide a safe and careful move, it takes some extra time and effort. We consider efficiency to be a combination of consistency, safety, and predictability. When we plan things out in advance, there’s little chance of error,” says Mark.

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