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The last thing you’ll want to encounter when undertaking a big move to a new community is stress. It can spring up everywhere – in the pending weather, packing, moving awkward, precious pieces of family history – you name it. That’s where we come in.

Action Movers  in Whistler, BC is more than prepared to help move you and your family with as little stress attached to the day as possible. We’ve always been dedicated to supporting and empowering our clients to help take the fear and stress out of moving day. You’re bound to encounter a few choice emotions, our goal is to help make them manageable by taking care of the heavy lifting – literally.

We’re all about building positive professional relationships, and we come ready to do the dirty work with industry standard equipment, dollies, strapping, coverings, and all the appropriate moving accoutrements to move your cherished belongings with care and confidence.

We offer junk removal and packing services as well, if you’re having a tough time deciding what to do with the family China, or crystal. And then, we make sure you’re feeling good about the state of your belongings before we hit the road. We’ll show you the in’s and out’s of how we pack, stack and prepare our trucks for the move itself to inspire trust and a breath of relief.

To top it all off, we move everything into the right places when we arrive at your new address so you’re not scrambling to find what you need as you get settled. You’ll be moved in and off to the slopes in no time.

Whether you’re moving across Whistler, Kitsilano, across the North Shore or the country, Action Movers has become an industry favourite in BC because of our unwavering dedication to professional service with a smile.


Useful Moving Tip

Let us direct the day. We come across all kinds of strong personalities in this business, and we’re active partners in making sure you’re heard and understood – but we know what we’re doing.

When you enable your movers to do what we do best, you get an extra chance to make your last minutes at your old address memorable ones. If you’ve got special considerations you’d like looked after, we’re all ears. We’re happy to explain our practices to help create trust and understanding.

Contact us today for a quote when you’re ready to relocate. We make moving to Whistler as smooth as possible.

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