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Making Vancouver Garbage & Junk Removal Easy

Making Vancouver

If you live in Vancouver, then you probably already know that illegal dumping can have serious consequences, including hefty fines of up to $2,000. The trouble is, when you have furniture or other items that you need to get rid of, that aren’t garbage, you may find that it’s tricky to figure out what to do with it, so we’ve decided to outline your main options for junk removal in the city, to make things a little easier for you.

Donate It

The first option you have when you want to get rid of large furniture or appliances that the city does not accept as part of their regular removals is to donate the items to charity. You will need to find a charity that is a) interested in the items you want to get rid of and b) able to collect them, which can take time, and you may need to arrange to be home at an odd hour to accommodate removal, but this is a good idea that also does good for the community.

Dump It at the Landfill

If you have the means to transport the items you want to get rid of to the landfill, and the time and inclination to do so, you can remove the items to the landfill or transfer station yourself. You will need to check whether the landfill accepts the items you want to get rid of, and there are usually fees that need to be paid to dump your goods at a landfill, but if you want to spend a Saturday getting rid of your old stuff, this is a good option.

Recycle It

There are certain items, like mattresses, that the City of Vancouver does accept for recycling. You will need to check with the city whether they accept the items you’re trying to get rid of, and again it can take time to load up your truck with your old stuff and drive it to the transfer station, but this is an environmentally friendlier option if you have the time and inclination!

Use a Junk Removal Service

By far the easiest and most convenient way to get rid of old stuff in Vancouver is to have a professional junk removal service take care of the problem for you. There are several benefits to this type of service:

  • Include the option to have items carried out of your home, so you don’t have to find someone to move heavy items for you.
  • Depending on the company you use, useful items may be donated or recycled as appropriate. If being environmentally conscious is important to you, then make sure you confirm this before you book a pickup.
  • If you don’t already have a truck and trailer, it’s a lot cheaper and easier to call a junk removal service than it is to rent one, and since dumping fees are usually included in the quotation, there are no hidden costs.
  • Most junk removal services will collect your junk at a date and time that suits your schedule. Our service, for instance, offers a two hour call out time, so whether it’s residential or commercial junk, we can collect it when it suits you.

There are several options for getting rid of junk properly in Vancouver, but when it comes to making it easy, the only option we’d recommend is to hire a professional. There are so many variables involved in getting rid of old stuff, and it can take so much time and effort, it just makes sense to trust it to the pros. But don’t just take our word for it. Make some enquiries and then call us for a comparison quote. You’ll be surprised at how affordable our headache free services are.