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Biggest Red Flag That Your Client Will not be Ready Come Move Day.

Over the years we at Action Movers notice different situations where what was suppose to be a smooth move has now turned into a struggle, or a cancelled move due to several reasons. When dealing with customers over the years we do our best to ask the appropriate questions, confirm the moving dates, and ensure our customers are ready to go on moving day. BUT unfortunately that is not the case on moving day. Here is Action Movers’ staff picks top 5 that we see on a regular basis.

1. When their eyes glaze over when you give instructions
2. When they maintain that it is a 4 hour move and they have multiple floors
3. When they ask if they have to be present during the move.
4. When they don’t listen to anything you tell them.
5. When they insist on a fixed price but have no idea about what is moving.


Have you evbiggestredflager had issues with your movers? Or fall into our top 5? Moving in Vancouver is stressful enough to avoid more struggles. Make sure you complete your pre-moving check list and be ready on moving day.

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