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Moving Specialty Items

Moving from one home to another home can be stressful. Moving specialty items and relocating your office to another office location can also be stressful. But what if you have that one special item or a couple pieces to move?

Who do you call?

Call Vancouver's top moving company. Call Action Movers.

Our motto is ” The company that CAN, not the company that can’t!”. When first calling a moving company, many hesitations can occur on our side of the phone. Access, liability, safety of our movers, date, time, and the moving tools needed. All of these concerns are something we as movers have to think about.

What sets us apart from many vancouver moving companies, is our strong pride in getting things done efficiently, careful, affordable and with a smile on our face. As vancouver Movers, we move Hot tubs, Safes, Gun Safes, machinery, pianos, upright pianos, baby and grand pianos, and specialty items such as audio and server racks, battery electrical racks.

Think you have something to move that looks impossible? Call Action Movers today @ 604-694-7777 and see below an image of our movers completing a 450lb electrical hub that went u 4 flights of stairs, through a uneven path, over electrical cables, and then lifted through 4 cross bars that were bolted to the wall which could not be moved. Sounds unbelievable, but we did it within 2 hours.

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