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Moving & Packing Supplies

Whether you’re moving across Vancouver, to the Island or out of province, getting prepared for the big day is stressful enough without having to worry about the little things, such as where you’re going to find boxes or exactly what type of moving supplies you will need. We also believe in running a sustainable enterprise and will ensure that every reusable or recyclable piece of moving material is handled in a responsible way.
The team at Action Movers is happy to advise you various moving supplies and of course we can provide them as needed; below are some of the more common moving supplies that you will required to move an apartment, condo or house. When you’re ready to discuss the move, call us at 1-877-694-7778.

The Standard Packing Supplies You’ll Need

Moving Boxes of Every Size – Cube boxes come in a variety of sizes and you will most likely use a number of them to pack up the various rooms in your home.

Fragile Item Boxes – More fragile items can be wrapped in a protective wrapping like bubble wrap and stored in regular boxes, or placed in stronger boxes more suitable for this use.

Wardrobe Boxes – Wardrobe boxes come with a bar across the top and are perfect for hanging delicate garments.

Additional Packing Supplies You Might Want

Unprinted Newsprint Paper – If you’ve moved, you’ve probably wrapped your glassware in newspaper. Our unprinted newsprint paper keeps your glassware clean without leaving ink marks.

Bubble Wrap – A favorite toy for children and the perfect solution to wrapping and protecting fragile vases, mirrors and other items.

Trouble Sorting It All Out? Just Call Us!

Don’t forget that Action Movers can assist with every stage of the packing process.

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