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Packing Up Your Vancouver Home

1.Get Rid of It 2.Clean Up 3.Create a Plan

If you're getting ready to move, it can be one of the best times to get everything out and throw away anything you don't need, didn't know you had, and won't need in your new home. Putting these things in boxes to move when you don't really need them is a waste of money and good packing materials. When you're ready to start packing, make sure you get your junk under control. Go around room by room and sort your items, choosing which ones you will donate, sell, or throw away. If you haven't used something in over 8 months, let it go.
Afterwards, create a plan. You can make the process easier by making a commitment to packing up an entire room every few days. If you have less time than that, grab some pizza and snacks and have a moving party for you and your friends. You'll need all the extra help you can get!


Label Everything - Save a Box (to ship) - Color Code Tape

Making moving easier by giving each box a label and/or number. Try to keep a list of contents for each one if you can, using a binder to keep the papers for each box organized. Make sure you put labels on your boxes that say where the box it going, not where it came from, so that movers can take it to the correct room in the new house. Another great idea is to pick a different color of packing tape for each room, then when you move, you can place a piece of colored tape over the room that those boxes go in. This way movers or friends know where to put the boxes in your new home.

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