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Hiring the Right Mover

Finding a mover can be one of the toughest tasks when moving to your new home. Every day there seems to be a “new moving company” opening up and choosing the right movers can be a challenge. Here are some tricks to make sure you choose the “right movers”.

1. Do they answer the phone when you call? Does the phone go to a voice mail “that has not yet been initialized” ?

2. Does this company have “current insurance” ? What is their “Insurance Policy?”

3. Are they cheaper than $70/hr? Do your research. Call at least 3 moving companies and choose the one you feel most comfortable with and is priced in the middle of all 3 moving companies.

4. Check the company for reviews, and even ask to call a couple of testimonials and ensure they are not bogus and just posted by one of their employees. Websites like are great places to check out the right moving company.

5. And finally, get a confirmation email to ensure the pricing wont change on moving day, and that they are committed to your move. Here at Action Movers, we continue to get calls at the end of the month from “movers that bailed” customers seeing if we have a truck and movers available because their movers didn’t show up.

At Action Movers, we strive the be Vancouver’s top professional mover and as movers in Vancouver we have to hold a sense of pride for our city and for the work we do daily moving your furniture.


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