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Do You Have a Small Move?

What is a Small Move?

Small moves are very common in Vancouver. They are moves that do not require a lot of materials or items for moving. Small moves involve moving your goods, or even just one object, down the street or across town. With condos, the average size for a 1 bedroom is 500 sq ft, and usually only needs a small 16ft box moving truck. Make sure you advise our moving consultants the size of your move to avoid paying more for a larger truck. No matter what you need to move, Action Movers provides mid-month rates and discounts for smaller moves in Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

To be considered a small move, the total weight of the items you need to move must be less than 2,000 pounds total, or about one and a half rooms of furniture. Small moves may include moving a student into or out of a dorm room or moving just one large item, like an upright piano or dining room table.

We also can provide delivery services if you purchased from a furniture store in Vancouver or even HomeSense. To find out more, visit or call our Vancouver branch @ 604-694-7777 to book your free in-home estimates. And don’t forget to ask about our plastic moving boxes!smallmove

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