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The Pros & Cons of Moving Truck Rentals

The Pros and Cons of Moving Truck Rentals

There are several options you have when you need to move house, but two of the most popular must be to hire a moving company, or to rent a moving truck and do it yourself. To help you decide which option is for you, we’ve compiled this no nonsense, completely objective list of pros and cons of moving truck rental.

Rented Moving Truck Pros

There are several benefits to renting a moving truck and going solo on your moving day. Some of these benefits are:

  • This is a cheaper option for moving, since you’re not paying salaries for drivers or movers. You’ll pay for the time and mileage, and probably fuel, but as long as you deliver the truck back on time, you can save on moving costs.
  • Most moving truck rental companies have a variety of different truck sizes, so you can choose the size that works for you.
  • You don’t have to have strangers in your home, and you will have absolute control over your possessions at all times.
  • If you need to move at a strange time (after hours or on a weekend, for instance) you won’t pay extra for it, as long as you get the truck back on time.
  • If you need a truck for a longer period of time (for instance if you are moving further away or need to make multiple trips) it can be easier to use a rental truck. The same goes for cross country moves, where larger truck rental companies will let you collect in one city and deliver in another.

Rented Moving Truck Cons

While renting a moving truck can work for some people, there are also some cons that you need to take into account:

  • If you are moving on a weekend or at the end of the month (when most people move) you may find that it’s difficult or even impossible to rent a truck. Most companies are booked months in advance for popular days, so if you haven’t planned ahead you may be out of luck.
  • There’s no insurance on your items when you use a rented truck and do it yourself, and you will probably pay extra to insure the truck itself.
  • There can be hidden costs applicable to truck rental, and in some cases, those charges will be levied automatically if you incur them. The first you will know about them is when you see the charges on your credit card.
  • There are usually time limits on when and for how long you can have a moving truck, and stiff penalties if you miss the drop off time. That can mean that your move is more rushed and stressful than necessary.
  • Since you are only renting a truck, you will need to provide all of your own moving labor, and that can mean begging friends or family! Either way, however, expect to end moving day with tired muscles, broken nails and a couple more bruises than you started with.
  • Moving trucks aren’t easy to drive, and while most moving companies will be happy to let anyone with a license drive their vehicle, it’s not as easy as it looks. The added stress of worrying about causing damage is not something most people need on moving day!

In general, if everything goes well, renting a moving truck and doing it yourself can be cheaper, if more stressful and sweatier. However, if you want an easier, smoother move, it can be more valuable to hire a professional moving company and relax, knowing the heavy lifting, insurance and other headaches are all taken care of.

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