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Top 3 Moving Tips: An Insider’s Perspective

You know how people hire wedding planners to make their special day go smoothly so they can enjoy the moment and not worry about the details? We help our clients much the same way. Even though the process of moving can be stressful, often it is an exciting time. Why not make it easier on yourself so you can enjoy moving into a new home or bright new office space?

We’ve been helping people move homes and move office space for years and take pride in doing an awesome job so our clients can enjoy their moves. We go above and beyond to guide our clients and ask all the questions we can to help them prepare. But sometimes moves can still be stressful. Along the way we review the moves and customer experiences and have put together our Top 3 Moving Tips.

  • Use a Checklist

The last thing you want to do is forget something vitally important on the day of your move… like the kids, or the new keys. A checklist is perfect to keep you organised and on schedule. Start from the move date and work backwards. The first things you can do are call the utility companies to cancel or change your information as they normally need a month’s notice. Each week you should have a set list of tasks so you’ll keep on track and won’t feel so overwhelmed.

  • Be Accurate

One of the main reasons we deal with stressed moves is when their expectations and reality don’t quite meet up. If there are 2 floors, we need to know that. If you have lots of heavy furniture or things that require special handling, we need to know ahead of time so we can quote the time and costs as accurately as possible.

  • Be Prepared

People may joke about “midnight moves” but the last thing you should do is still be packing on the day of your move. Make sure you have sorted what to throw out and what to keep and pack everything and mark your boxes clearly with the floor and room so we can easily get them in the right space. And last but not least, keep one box or bin aside with all your last minute items and information.


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