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What Is The Importance Of Hiring An Insured Moving Company

What Is The Importance Of Hiring An Insured Moving Company

Your stuff is valuable to you, we get that. We also understand how tough it can be to give complete strangers carte-blanche to pack up and move your cherished possessions. This is one of the reasons why Action Movers and its affiliate branches carry insurance - to show you that we too respect your things, and can offer you peace of mind during the stresses of moving house.

In this post, we'll outline some of the major and indirect benefits of dealing exclusively with a moving company that’s fully insured, as well as the differences between various policies that may or may not offer you the protection you think you’re receiving.


Homeowner Content Policy

Your home insurance may cover your household items to a certain degree during a move. It’s best to check with your own insurance provider before moving day to get the facts straight, but some of these policies are all risk, and others are total loss. Find out what your deductible is and do yourself a favour and never assume that your goods are protected without confirming with your insurance provider.


Peace of Mind

Let’s imagine that you and your family are planning on moving from Surrey to Port Moody. You begin your search by interviewing a couple of reputable local moving firms and select the mid-range price point offer. The company is courteous and kind, and have always maintained an open dialogue with you leading up to your moving day. Through their kindness and perceived professionalism, you neglect to inquire about extra insurance.

Moving day arrives and your things are packed up and loaded by your movers - the day goes off without a hitch. You unload your things that evening only to find that a few boxes of fragile family heirlooms have been smashed into oblivion. Without additional coverage, or knowing what type of insurance your moving company holds, there’s probably no way to hold them accountable for the damage done.

Insured and transparent moving companies inspire peace of mind with their customers - and this helps to not only bring about a smooth moving day, but it inspires confidence and trust in the mover/client relationship. There’s no reason why perceived professionalism should not be backed up with a written record of the company’s insurance coverage; and further, a decent moving company that values its clientele and their things would offer additional insurance to cover them as well.


Replacement Value Protection

In short, replacement value protection packages offered by respectable moving companies' means that your movers become liable for the replacement value of anything that is damaged while under their care. Often times this amount is realized by a simple mathematical equation which multiplies the weight of the damaged items by $5-$6 per pound.

A good way to firm up your understanding and confidence in a replacement value protection plan is to make sure you have your things evaluated so you don’t end up receiving a depreciated value in the event things are damaged. Get this policy in writing from your moving company - and remember that professional movers should have absolutely no trouble giving you written confirmation of insurance agreements.


What About Action Movers?

Allow us to present you with our credentials: Action Movers is an Accredited Business with Better Business Bureau, and winner of the 2017 Consumer Choice Award for Best Moving Company in Vancouver. We’re also a proud member of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) and Work Safe BC Certified.

Action Movers is a fully-insured moving company that also holds general liability insurance and cargo insurance as required to operate in BC - because we know the peace of mind it brings to our customers. We know how much you value your worldly possessions, your family heirlooms and your hard-earned items - we treat them with respect because we hold respect for you and your family.

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