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What to Expect When Moving Overseas

Globe and PlaneMoving overseas is a huge task to take on. It can take years to prepare for, especially if you have had to go through immigration channels. There are lots of difficult things to consider when moving, and some things can be quite a surprise. This article aims to provide you with some hints and tips to make this daunting task a little easier.

Scout Your Destination BEFORE Your Move

One of the best things you can do is make some trips to the place you are going to move to ahead of time. If you know when you will be moving then it can be a good idea to house hunt and try and find a property to purchase. If you then set out the terms of purchase to complete around your move date then this can make your life much easier. It will mean not living in a rented property and having the possible expense of storing the items that have moved with you. If you cannot make this work then you can use these trips to become familiar with the area and get a good sense what specific part of the city or town you want to live in.

Organize Your Belongings: What to Take & What to Toss

One of the major things you will have to do is pick out the things you are bringing with you. You will want to filterĀ  as much as possible, bringing only the most important items. Organizing to transport the important things that you are bringing with you is the next step. You will want to hire a moving company that is used to moving things overseas and has links with businesses in your new location. You will need to make sure that everything is well wrapped and secured. You will also have to consider what size of container you will need. A professional moving company is very important to get this done successfully.

When you arrive you will want to find ways to settle into the community. Get to know your neighbours; perhaps have a small get together with the people in your street. You can also check to see if your community has a group for people who are new to the area: this can be a quick and easy way to make friends with people in the same position as you.

Pre-Plan Your Finances

One of things that can surprise people when they move is the financial side of things. When you move countries things like your credit rating do not necessarily make the move with you. This can make it hard to get financing for things like a car or even a mortgage. It can help if you can use the same bank in both countries. However you may need to find ways to be creative. Signing up for store credit cards can help as they often only require that you have another valid credit card (you can use your foreign card) to approve your application. You can then use this card to start building up a local credit rating.

Driving is Important

Another big issue to think about is driving. See if your new country has a policy in place to trade your current license with a local one without you having to take any tests. If not then you need to be prepared to take your test again. Healthcare is another issue. Even if your new country has universal healthcare, this can take several months to kick in for you as a new resident. You will need to organize independent coverage in the mean time.

Hopefully these hints and tips will help make your move a little easier. Good luck!

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