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What Your Movers Want You To Know

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Moving day comes at you fast, and there’s likely a hundred things you’ll want to tell your moving crew, both before and during the time they take moving all of your cherished belongings.

While movers will always respect your need to tell them a few critical pieces of information prior to starting your move - there’s a few things we’d like you to know as well. In the spirit of enjoying a successful, problem-free move for everyone, these general tips and tricks are what your movers would like you to know as well:

Let Them Do Their Job

Please remember you hired a full scale moving company for good reason. These guys and gals are trained professionals who know exactly what they're doing and come equipped with ample experience, the right equipment, and knowledge of how best to move your stuff.

Movers certainly expect a certain level of involvement and collaboration with you, but for the most part, they're capable of continuing on without your constant approval. If you’re able to step aside and allow them to do what they’ve been hired to do, you’ll feel less stressed and the process will be over and done with a lot quicker.

Don’t Disappear

We know, we know. It’s a double-edged sword. There’s a delicate balance involved in stepping aside and allowing movers to do their jobs while remaining close by to provide answers and help clarify specifics to what not to move, where certain things can go, etc.

Bottom line is, movers can’t be expected to left alone and get everything right. We’ll have questions that will need to be answered as the day progresses. Being nearby so that we can get a prompt and clear answer to continue on is critical to helping the day progress without any issues.

Label Boxes with Desired Destinations

If you’ve sprung for the full service and your movers are also responsible for unpacking and placing all of your possessions in their correct rooms, ensuring that every last box is correctly and clearly labelled is key to helping this process along.

Labelling boxes correctly effectively removes you from your potential role as air traffic controller and let’s your movers operate almost autonomously. As a word to the wise, if you’re paying your moving service by the hour, this little tip is worth its weight in gold, as things will get done a lot faster.

Always Label ‘Fragile’ Boxes and Let Them Know

Further to labelling the intended destination for each room, label fragile boxes as such. There’s no way to know what’s contained in a box without confidently being able to read whether or not it needs to be transported with an additional level of care.

This includes labels like ‘glass,’‘this side up,’ as well - we all wish we could make informed decisions all by ourselves, but the fact is, we’re not psychic.

Finish Packing Before Moving Day

Please? Nothing gets the day of to a rocky, unorganized start like having to wait a few extra hours for the homeowner to finish packing their household up while the movers wait patiently. Being able to get started effectively at a decent hour in the morning is important to maintaining a tight schedule.

If you’re not ready to begin your move when the movers show up, there’s a good chance you could be charged additional fees for the readjustments that the moving company may have to make to organize other same-day moves with the same crew, or a piece of specialized equipment like a piano skid.

For this reason, book your movers as early as possible so you’re well aware early on you’ve got to be ready for a specific date and time. Further, if you have an unforeseen circumstance, or an emergency - call your movers ASAP to confirm an alternate date, or a readjusted schedule.

Don’t Pack Valuables, Heirlooms or Cash

Ideally, any mover or their company would like to avoid false accusations if something of value like a wad of cash, jewelry, or a priceless family antique or heirloom goes missing, or is severely damaged. Movers have 100 other things to keep their minds busy during a busy move without having to keep track of expensive valuables that should stay with the homeowners at all costs.

A full-house move is a demanding ordeal to keep things organized - expect things to be misplaced. Pointing fingers is what most people would like to avoid.

If you’ve got possessions like these that require movers to move, like a piano or a safe for example, tell the company prior to moving that there’s a specific item that needs special attention and coordination. If your moving crew is made aware up front or in advance, there’s a better chance of keeping everything organized and within sight.

Have A Spot Sorted Out for the Truck and Access

Movers will arrive on-site expecting you to have researched and planned your move accordingly. Arriving only to find that there’s no space or location to park a moving truck - or further, that the company has been ticketed, or towed is a good way to put a dampened spirit on moving day.

Make sure that the moving truck can park within a respectable distance from your home or apartment building so moving heavy and awkward pieces and boxes is kept to a minimum distance to ensure nothing is dropped, damaged - and so the move can progress in good time. Having to trek a half block to the moving truck is inefficient and can end up costing you additional dollars if you’re paying by the hour.

This goes for access to the home as well. If you’re in a high-rise with no elevator service, be sure to let your movers know as soon as possible so they can adjust scheduling, and bring the correct equipment to help the move proceed in good time.

Empty Drawers and Desks

Many moving companies will not move a desk or dresser unless they’ve been thoroughly emptied beforehand. Not only do full drawers and desks add considerable weight for movers, but there’s the additional safety concern of heavy drawers sliding out while being moved.

This can make for a dangerous situation when weight is suddenly and drastically distributed elsewhere and balance is thrown off. This could spell disaster for your dresser if it’s dropped due to a shifting drawer. It’s also a safety concern for the movers themselves. This tip falls under the ‘make sure you’re packed up’ rule - having dressers full of clothing or your professional home office possessions means you’re not ready to move and most movers will wait for you to accommodate this request prior to moving the piece.

Mover’s Gotta Eat / Tipping

Nothing improved the morale of the day like having a few snacks, or a beverage available to your movers throughout the day. While not a requirement by any means, it’s become a common courtesy that’s often extended to movers and goes a long way in welcoming your movers and encouraging a cheerful, positive mood throughout the day. You’ll be spending a lot of time together over the course of the move, so taking a few minutes to invite your movers in for a quick coffee break or a light snack is always appreciated and helps to build a great relationship with your assigned crew.

Tipping is also a practice that’s generally extended to movers. The standard is usually $25-$50 each, depending on the difficulty of the move, the time needed, and how many awkward staircases they’ve had to navigate. Much like tipping a server at a restaurant, if you’re not pleased with your service, simply don’t tip; it’s not a requirement, and should only be extended to the crews that provide respectful and professional moving services.